SAE 0W-16: The trend towards lower viscosities

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Pubblished: 22 March 2022

Engine oil SAE 0W-16 suitable to hybrid vehicle of the last generation. 

Car manufacturers around the world have long been grappling with the challenge of reducing emissions and improving fuel economy in passenger cars while still ensuring high performance. They are therefore pursuing new technologies for hybrid and non-hybrid engines, specifying the tendency to use lower and lower engine oil viscosity to minimize internal fluid resistance and ensure excellent lubrication even when the engine is not at operating temperature.

In fact, new hybrid engine of the latest generation work more frequently on mode "start and stop", and protection must be garanteed when full power is required even with "cold" lubricants that is, not at optimal temperature. In this regard, the American Petroleum Institute has introduced the API SP specification, a supplementary standard to the existing API SN specification by inserting specific and stricter tests to avoid problems typical of new engines such as LSPI, corrosion and emulsion that can be emphasized if the car often works electrically with the heat engine off.

The new Pakelo Helium FXT SAE 0w-16, product specifically developed for gasoline and hybrid cars, it is a fully synthetic product, with additives of the latest generation capable of brilliantly exceeding the API SP and ILSAC GF-6B specifications. Thanks to particular viscosimetric curve, the use of Helium FXT leads to significant decreases in friction while favoring a fast response from the engine. These characteristics contribute to the reduction of fuel consumption which results in lower exhaust emissions. 


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