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If you want to join us prepare to deal with more dynamic than routine situations, to have more ideas than time, more challenges than relax. We’re growing, fast and relentlessly. Our market in three words? Saturated, Competitive, Global. Are you ready to face it?
For those who want to get into our corporate culture, read carefully from here on.

What you get here is a team you can rely on, a company that builds its success on your ideas, on your skills, on your improvements. What we give our team is meritocracy, consideration and purpose in a family feeling environment, where each person matters. We are in fact proud to support people’s growth inside the company with transparency and constant training.

Core values

01 Keep learning to keep sharing

We foster the improvement and training of our employees and customers. Sharing culture on lubricants is part of our mission.

02 Explore your options & involve your team

We believe in challenges, in change, in common sense. The more these are shared with the teamwork the better it is.

03 Solve problems creatively

Curiosity and lateral thinking are daily ingredients. Mix them with technical skills and consistency and you get the perfect balance.

04 Treasure people’s time

Always treasure the time people are gifting you. Respect, professionality and empathy are undeniable and unforgettable traits of Pakelo people.


Our mission is to deliver high quality lubricants and spread culture on lubricants with others. Oils are not all the same and we try to prove it every day thanks to everybody’s work. We operate according with the principles of research innovation to offer increasingly performing products, the precision of the manufacturing processes, the dynamism in the client support, the professionality in the references and above all value creation obtained through order and transparency.


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