Marco Superti,
a life between Mechanics and
Historical Rallies

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Published: 26 April 2022

Interview with  Superti Auto’s owner,
Officina Bosch Car Service in Dello

Marco Superti is born in Manerbio in 1978. Few words, many passions. One of them is the one for historical rallies, a legacy that comes from the iconic ‘80, when his uncle Paolo Gianbattista and his father Riccardo trained at night for the Mille Miglia Rally, driver one, navigator the other. What about Marco? A four-year-old official helmet holder.

But even his family’s activities are all about engines. His father Riccardo opens his own workshop in Dello at 25 and for a while his uncle will be the owner of a car-showroom, an activity that fascinates the young Marco. Realized the inclination of his son Riccardo decides to make Marco do a traning in the workshop because - as he said - to be a good car salesman you had to first understand the merits and defects. And now that the family business is in his and his sister Silvia’s hands, that period of training is bearing fruit. They own two separate companies operating one as a workshop and the other as a used car dealer.

Marco, what distinguishes Superti Auto from other mechanical workshops in Brescia?

First of all, we must specify that we are an independent workshop and this independence is reflected on: one hand in the speed of service and on the other in the free choice of suppliers with whom we cooperate. Let us be clear! Looking at the evolution of the official dealers is a must, but I think it is important not to have constraints in the choice of spare parts and materials that I use in my workshop. To take a step forward 4 years ago I decided to join the Bosch Car Service network of workshops, in order to have a support structure, especially in the mechatronics field. I also collaborate with a company specialized in spare parts with a validated technical experience and for lubricating oils, I decided to rely on Pakelo, a company from Verona with which I can have a direct dialogue if I need. The same willingness to dialogue I give in turn to my customers. I think it is important to communicate what is the quality that is offered.

What plans do you have for your independent workshop in the future?

Garage and dealership have always been linked, but today more than ever. Until 15 years ago, signing a contract to sell a car was the goal, today is just the beginning of the process. In the aftermarket the most important game is played, to gain the customer’s confidence and the importance came out from the workshop part that generates maintenance, coupons, revisions, and tire change. In the future, I am also thinking to integrate a part of the business related to the maintenance of historic rally racing cars. I think it’s an interesting niche, there is a lot of respect for the car: still considered the object of desire and not just the vehicle that takes you from A to B. I am a historical rally driver and I love this environment. I dream of making a workshop on sight, a bit like in starred restaurants. Something’s already in motion.

You mentioned the world of historical rallies. Do you prefer them to the modern ones?

I drove in both historical rallies with homologated cars until 1990, and in modern rallies, but for me there is no comparison. In the historical ones, the environment is more complicit, it helps us and we confront each other, even in the post-race. In general, I find it more genuine and affordable. I like it because you have to work with the mechanic to find the right trim. You can adjust at the injection level and little else! But unlike modern rallies, there is still the possibility of doing assists in the street (not during the specials of course). Breakages are more frequent but simpler. Of course, mechanically a part of hybridization with modern technologies has occurred because authentic materials undergo too much stress.

How did you start your career in historical rallies?

As a child, I had the example of my uncle and my father too as a rallyist. I started thanks to the impulse of my friend Alex Caffi. As a good guy from Brescia, I was rooting for him even before knowing him in person at the time of his career in Formula 1 and GT. We met by chance in 2002-2003 during the sale of a Volkswagen Golf. And after a few years, in 2010, I find myself driving a Porsche 911 SC at the Cremona Historic Circuit and then discovering that we were racing at night with Alex who encourages me by saying: "Yes, turn on the lights and go." I improvised a lot, but I had fun. My friendship with Alex has grown over time, think that in 2018 at the Monza Rally Show he made me the honor of being my navigator. The rally that I carry in my heart? The Rally Mille Miglia Storico of 2012 where I scored the fourth place overall. In 2016 I won that rally, but the 2012 edition is the one I prefer. My daughter was three months old and the whole family and Alex too, who is a bit part of the family now, took to the streets to celebrate with me. Unique emotions.

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