LandRover Discovery: Journey to the North Cape

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Published: 25 February 2022

Dream Destination North Cape Norway


  • Car: LandRover Discovery TDS5 II
  • Pakelo Traveller: Eugenio Ferrari
  • Age: 30 years old
  • Nationality: Italian
  • Job: Agricultural entrepreneur
  • IG: @ferrarieugenio
  • Particular Feature: He considers himself just an ordinary person who, however, as he exclaims several times, when it comes to travel does not put himself "any stakes".

Q: Eugenio, why travelling to the North Cape by Car?

A: Imagine a far place, unspoiled nature, night skies tinged with wonderful colors and the legends of another world echo in the words of the local people: that place exists and it is called Lapland. Higher and higher, straight to North Cape. A trip to Northern Europe in winter must be a conscious choice due to the very challenging climatic conditions, but certainly it is not impossible. By the way before departing it is good to plan carefully, stages and budget.

Q: 10,200 km, 10 Stages in 25 days. How did you plan your Car Journey?

Verona - Nuremberg

The first stop is to be considered as adjustment more than a real departure. We tested the vehicle trying to cross Germany with aim to get to the city of Kiel as soon as possible. When you get to Nuremberg you start realizing that you have truly left and the desire to arrive at point zero becomes pure adrenaline. 

Kiel - Stockholm

24 hours crossing by ferry to get one of the most charming cities in the Scandivian, Stockholm. I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas in Stockholm. In this 2 days we enjoyed visiting the city. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, located in Baltic Sea and it includes 14 islands and more of 50 bridges. Gamla Stan, the old centre with its cobbled streets and ocher-colored buildings, is home to Storkyrkan Cathedral, the Kungliga Slottet Royal Palace and the Nobel Museum, which is dedicated to the Nobel Prize. The temperatures were already starting to get cold and we had to prepare the off road 4x4 for the restart. The important thing in this moment is to stud the tyres, which for me were Hankook Dyna PRO. We found easily a parking area to put Best Grip studs. The procedure was long and well studied as the studs had to be staggered in such a way to create a design for giving greater adherence. The numbers of studs per wheel must be between 80 and 160 starting from the smallest size up to the largest tire. This intervention allows to get greater stability of the vehicle and the possibility of traveling on ice roads for long distances. Needless to say this is a necessary action for this type of trip to North Cape Norway.

Sundsvall – Umea

We headed to Tornio, our second long stop which allowed us to visit Lapland, the house of Santa Claus. The journey was long but quiet, when unexpectedly a problem knocked on the door. The clutch was having an issue. We stopped in a parking lot and I tried to drain the system but apparently we needed the only spare part that I had not taken with me: the master cylinder pump. So, we contacted Landylandia, a Land Rover spare parts specialist that in this occasion sent the part to Tornio sales point where we were headed. The journey continued at the very slow pace of 50 km/h and after 12 hours we finally reached Tornio. 

Umea – Tornio

We arrived in Tornio and started our immersive Lappon experience, organized by the leading tour operator "LappOne". We experienced living a few days with local people, the SAMI. Eating typical products, making a magnificent excursion with the huskies and ice fishing. We managed to celebrate the New Year's Eve two times. Tornio Valley is at the border between Sweden and Finland and it is also close to two different time zones. That's the reason why at New Year's Eve it is possible to celebrate midnight twice, one hour apart. Fantastic! 

Tornio – Rovaniemi - Inari 

With great regret we said goodbye to the group of people that in these days shared unique experiences with us, and we left for what is traditionally considered the city of Santa Claus: Rovaniemi. On the road, we stopped to take some photos and curiously enough we passed a bold cyclist running at freezing temperatures. We approached him and we discovered that he was Italian as well! We realized that he was indeed doing the real challenge!

Inari - Karasjok  Honnysvag  

Slowly we approached the end destination enjoying every minute of it in the meantime. 

Honnysvag - North Cape

What a wonderful show! We finally reached the northern point of Europe, where we could grasp our first and only Northern Lights. The show of silence, freezing cold and the unique colors of the sky above our head. Unbelievable!

What to know before leaving for North Cape. Q/A with Eugenio

  • How much money is needed for a trip from Italy to the North Cape?

    3000-3500 € for 2 people, for 25 days of travel. In the winter period, therefore the least suitable, with an off road 4x4.

  • So what is the most suitable period?

    Summer certainly, especially for the many hours of light and less prohibitive temperatures.

  • How many km per day can you travel by car in that condition?

    About 500 km, no more. The climatic conditions and poor visibility force you to stop for many more stages.

  • What are the "unmissable" stages that you would recommend?

    Stockholm, Val di Tornio, North Cape and obviously the most instagrammable the Lofoten Islands, which we visited on our return.

  • For those who plan to face a trip like that in a 4x4 off road vehicle, what kind of equipment for the car are absolutely necessary?

    Radiator cover, Auxiliary heating, "webasto" an auxiliary diesel heater, pneumatic nails and chains, fuel additive, Garmin satellite phone I Reach.

  • How long did it take you to prepare your LandRover Discovery TD5 II SERIES 4x4?

    About 1 year, I documented and then adapted my vehicle to very low temperatures and any unexpected events. Some mechanical improvements made were: heavy bumper, snorkel, roof rack, auxiliary heater, engine and differential protection, winch, suspension, oversized tires, double battery, auxiliary lighting, CB radio, internal camperization.

LandRover Discovery: Oil Equipment for a Trip to North Cape


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