Brake fluids
Brake fluids

Brake Fluid 404

Brake Fluid 404

Base type:



Non silicone high performance synthetic brake fluid for disc and drum braking systems. Suitable for braking systems with electronic antilock and stability devices. Suitable also for vehicles with friction servo-control systems. Fully complying with DOT 4 brake fluids performance limits.

Performance levels:

FMVSS N°116 - DOT 3 / DOT 4, SAE J 1703 / 1704, ISO 4925 Class 6, BMW Group (BMW/MINI/Rolls-Royce) QV 34 001, BYD, Ford Motor Company WSS-M6C65-A2, Geely (Geely Brands, Volvo Car), GM Europe (Opel, Saab, Vauxhall) GMW 3356, PSA (Peugeot/Citroen) STL S71 2114, Qoros, Shanghai GM (Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac) GMW 3356, VW 501 14, VW Group (Audi/Bentley/Bugatti/Lamborghini/Seat/Skoda/VW) TL-VW 766 Z.

Bottle lt. 1
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Brake Fluid 404

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