Africa Eco Race 2024 Results – Jacopo Cerutti wins

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Published: 17 January 2024

After 30 years, an Italian biker triumphs at Africa eco race, Jacopo Cerutti with the Aprilia Tuareg 660 of the Guareschi Corse Team

Africa Eco Race. 30th December – 14th January.  

A race that combines challenging Formula 1-style performances and the genuineness and simplicity of the competitors. The spirit of adventure that once belonged to the Paris-Dakar, has been experienced in these days in the desert with the 15th edition of the Africa Eco Race.

12 long days for drivers, teams and vehicles that drove 6,000 kilometers crossing four states: France, Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal.

In the end, the 34-year-old Jacopo Cerutti prevailed, riding his Aprilia Tuareg 660.
After two weeks of intense competition, he beat Botturi and Pol Tarres, his Yamaha teammates.

“It was a very demanding race from the navigation point of view” said Cerutti “during the last stage, in the middle of the desert, I got lost on a street parallel to the route. But fortunately, I found Alessandro again and we reached the end of the stage. It was nice to do a part of the race together."

An exciting head-to-head animated the competition, with Pol Tarres behind ready to seize any opportunity of error of the 2 Africa Eco Race leaders’.
In the end, it was 3 two-cylinders that got on the podium, which proved to be challenging bikes to develop but which brought great satisfaction.

Congrats also to our Pakelo Heroes, Pierpaolo Vivaldi and Paolo Caprioni, who ended the race in 24th and 20th place respectively.

Goodbye to the next edition!

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