Air compressor oil: the advantages resulting from the use of specifically formulated lubricants

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Pubblicato il: 29 February 2024

Air compressors oil are important to reduce friction, minimise wear, promote cooling and act as a seal against compressed gas, avoiding pressure drops.

Air compressors are an auxiliary production system present in almost all companies and often represent a vital circuit for the operation of production lines. The correct operation and reliability of this system is linked to constant maintenance and the use of the correct replacement materials. One of the key components for correct operation is the air compressor oil which keeps the various moving parts of the system efficient and protected. Although compressors are mechanically simple, the operating conditions are extremely complex: the simultaneous presence of oxygen (large volumes of air) and high temperature (compression effect) has a very strong impact on the molecular structure of the lubricating oil.

The main effects are oxidative thermal decomposition of the fluid components with reduction of the lubricating properties and the formation of sludge which reduces the mechanical tolerances to the point, in some cases, of blocking the moving parts. When oxidation is triggered, there is very rapid degradation and the formation of acidic compounds, in some cases, can result in chemical corrosion of the metal surfaces. The following diagram shows, through a laboratory test, the induction time of oxidative thermal degradation of Pakelo products with a standard commercial product.

tempo di induzione olio lubrificante per compressori d'aria

Based on the experiences gained in various applications and with access to innovative chemical compounds, Pakelo has completely updated the entire range of air compressor oil. The development of the line is based on a new, extremely high-performance antioxidant chemistry, on the use of technologies for sludge management and on particularly effective anti-foam agents, all of which has made it possible to reduce the negative effects of air incorporation.

The Pakelo product range includes mineral-based oils and synthetic-based oils to meet the requirements of all compressor manufacturers who can prescribe different types of fluids. In general, mineral-based oils are recommended for lightly loaded compressors with normal operating temperatures.

Instead synthetic-based oils are used for highly stressed compressors, with long service shifts and high working temperatures. This is because they guarantee greater lubrication and replacement intervals that can reach 2 to 4 times those of mineral oils. A correct lubricating oil, which maintains its characteristics over time, ensures protection from wear, reduction in operating consumption, fewer maintenance downtimes and increases the general productivity of the compressor.

How to choose the correct air compressors oil?

To choose the correct product it is always necessary to refer to the manufacturer's prescriptions based on the working conditions, both in terms of product type and ISO viscosimetric gradation. 

Pakelo air compressor oil

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