Rolex Daytona 24h 2021

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Published: 31 January 2021

Risi Competizione Race Review

Line-up of Risi Comp

Ferrari 488 GTE Evo of Team Risi Competizione is back. GT Season 2021 opened with the iconic Rolex Daytona 24hours in Florida, a race counting even for IMSA championship. Texan team had a special line-up for the venue with three Ferrari Factory official drivers: Italian Alessandro Pier Guidi and Davide Rigon, and the British James Calado plus a 4th man, the French young talent Jules Gounon who was asked to join Risi's Ferrari thanks to the good feeling established during Le Mans 2020.

It was not that easy for Ferrari 488 #62. During qualifying session Pier Guidi gained a solid P4 on the grid so the 59th Rolex Daytona 24h had to start in chasing mode for Ferrari #62. For Team Risi Competizione Daytona was an important race, since they missed P1 by a head in 2019. 

The first half of the race for Ferrari #62

The race started with bated breath. Ferrari 488 #62 led by Alessandro Pier Guidi made a light contact with Porsche #79 at the very first lap. Fortunately no issues for either cars was reported. On the next round, when James Calado took in, Ferrari #62 got a penalty for a light collision with a LMP3 prototype. Rigon and Gounon drove the rest half of the race smoothly. The night fell on Daytona circuit. British driver Calado managed to bring the car to the very front, but the leadership was difficult to defend and at the end of the 12th hour Ferrari #62 is remained in P4.

Pier Guidi scores the fastest lap, a cold comfort

It's the final part of the race and the team kept pushing with no mistakes. Alessandro Pier Guidi is forced to add an emergency pit stop which causes a penalty to the team. On the first occasion brakes are changed. Pier Guidi scores the fastest lap with a 1:42:41 (lap 249) a cold comfort for the team that finished the race in P4, an outcome that didn't match the effort and the performance. 

Was it a case of BoP imbalance?

After the Rolex Daytona 24hours Rick Mayer, Risi Competizione Race Engineer, together with the drivers, spoke about a perceivable imbalance in BoP (Balance of Performance). BoP is a common system used in GT Races to allow different cars to compete in the same category through limitations and little tricks. Every championship has its parameters to establish BoP regulation, WEC has one, IMSA has a different one and 24h of Le Mans has a special one due to the circuit peculiarities. In the comments shortly after the race, Rick Mayer complained about the competitive advantage of other cars in comparison with their Ferrari and how frustrating is to face a 24-hour race with the knowledge that the only chance to win lies in others' mistakes. All the team wishes to see the athletic efforts of Team Risi Competizione rewarded in the future.

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