FIA Formula 3, Imola 2024: double presence on the podium for Trident Motorsport

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Pubblicato il: 20 May 2024

First place for Trident Motorsport rookie Meguetounif in the Imola Feature Race. The third place guarantees to Fornaroli the new solo leader title of the general ranking.

Imola, May 19th 2024. The Feature Race of the third round of the FIA Formula 3 Championship begins with the first three pitches monopolized by Team Trident Motorsport. In fact, the extraordinary qualifying session allows Santiago Ramos, Leonardo Fornaroli and Sami Meguetounif to win, respectively, the top three starting places.


An impeccable initial sprint for the Trident Motorsport trio, that after two laps saw Fornaroli excel over his team-mate Ramos, followed in turn by Meguetounif at 1’’9. But the sequence changes after a few laps, due not only to the pace of Goethe, who dominated the race, but also to a sudden drop of power of Fornaroli's single-seater car, who fought for the dream of winning in his Emilia-Romagna. In the middle of the race, the young German driver of the Campos team is the leader of Imola, with a gap of 2’’3 on the rest of the opponents. The seventeenth lap highlighted some weaknesses, which Meguetounif took advantage of and passed Goethe’s tread. The third stage of the championship thus ended with the first victory of the rookie of Trident Motorsport, Sami Meguetounif, class 2004. While, slightly embittered, Fornaroli climbs on the third step of the podium, but securing the place of leader in the general ranking (52), 3 points from his direct opponent. Ramos takes home eighth place.


The Team Manager, Giacomo Ricci, commented: "Having conquered success on the home track with rookie Sami Meguetounif, together with the third position of Leonardo Fornaroli, is certainly a relevant result, which fills us with pride and motivates us to do better and better."

Next round will take place in another prestigious circuit, Monte Carlo, from 24th to 26th May.

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