Problem solving:
An important skill for young people in Pakelo

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Pubblicato il: 13 December 2021

Problem Solving Means Simone Magnani.
The young chemist in Pakelo who faces commercial challenges with skills and dynamism. The example of how the company invests in young people. 

Simone Magnani, 36 years old, has a degree in Industrial Chemistry and it is the most recent employee joining Pakelo technical office (made of two chemists and two mechanical engineers). His role is labelled as Technical Sales Engineer & SDS Manager, but “Problem Solver could also work just fine  

After 3 years of apprenticeship as an executor of Technical and Safety Data sheets of the approximately 1000 Pakelo products, starting from 2016 he began his "training" to become a technician supporting the commercial activity. Today he manages lubricant consulting projects for dealers and Manufacturers (especially in the motorcycle sector, his great passion) who have profoundly different needs. Moreover he supports the foreign sales office during trips to distributors (to provide them with technical training). 

The lubricant, this unknown... At the University we did not study anything about lubricating oils, I owe everything I learned from my colleagues, who guided me with their know-how, when I arrived in the company

Simone basically does two fundamental things: firstly, Research and Development on raw materials and on final lubricants and secondly, he makes after sale service more efficient. The choice of raw materials for Pakelo is spasmodic worldwide, in order to formulate and develop new products that give higher performance. In this we are different from our competitors, and we never stop." An example? "Reducing car emissions means evolving the construction of engines and consequently of lubricants."

It means knowing the customer's needs and creating the product he requires. So, Simone plays a role between the laboratory and the sales office: he transforms himself into a craftsman,  a tailor, a chemist and a "doctor" who intervenes on the patient (the machine) by analyzing the signals that come from his "blood" (the lubricant itself, as we have seen ...). Therefore, he becomes a real Mac Giver, who creates 3, 4 new solutions for the customer, to be tested. 

Problem solving is a part of everyone's job in the company... we face a request, and our task is to solve the problem and find the remedy

Lubricants consist of bases and additives. Pakelo chooses the best bases (never regenerated, because they are considered less stable in quality) and uses additives that allow it to overcome international and manufacturers' requests, with much higher quality levels than the minimum required. 

This is much more than “Having always an answer”, the goal of Simone and the other technicians. It means having your job at heart, aiming for the goal, taking care of those who work with us, as well as of our customers. 

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