Again, Lean Production is the key. A 2021 closes with a positive turnover for Pakelo Lubricants

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Published: 17 January 2022

Interview to Mr Alberto Polacco, Vice President of Pakelo Lubricants, Italian manufacturer of engine oils and other lubricants

As 2022 kicks off we addressed Mr Polacco a few questions about last year and Pakelo future plans.
We will talk about the projects for the new year and the lean methodology which once again guided the improvement of processes.

    In the picture, from left we find Alberto Polacco, Aldo Polacco and Italo Rino Polacco, owners of Pakelo Lubricants.

The past two years will be remembered by companies, traders and craftsmen as the year that has radically changed the way of life and work. How do you assess that this has influenced the activity for Pakelo?

In Pakelo we faced this moment of change by pushing our foot on the accelerator. One of the first action we took involved our production: we introduced a system of work-shifts. We required to have more space to operate. Right from the beginning, we saw the new proposal was beneficial.

Beyond safety, a better distribution of spaces created more efficient working areas, improving the method and productivity of the group.

Futhermore in collaboration with the University of Padua we  set up a reshaping of the operational sphere of our Company. The utmost attention has been given to those opportunities of progress which could lead to a mental and cultural upgrade: we focused once more on the basics: a modernization plant, reduction of mechanical times and lean organization. To be able to deliver our customers a bit of certain in such uncertain times. Altought it was not easy at all, we have really tried to create a silver lining out of the contingent worldwide health crisis, and what we have achieved is a good result.

The year ends in positive for Pakelo Lubricants, what do you think were the factors that contributed to this result?

First of all, success for us is having a quality product, it is what sets us apart. Our need, therefore, is expressed in the need to recreate a high performance product for an indefinite number of times.

We are proud to say that in the 2021 we scored +16% in product quantity for a total record amount for Pakelo of 10.000 tons of oil and greases sold.

Our Production Area follows a chain that empowers our employees: making them all aware of being integral and integrated part of the result. Each of us offers his best for the well-being of the Company.

I can say that we knew we had a great team, but the guys managed to go beyond expectations, demonstrating a collective supportive instinct that led them to improve their activity progressively.

After all, I can say that this year we gained a lot in terms of method. This means that, despite all the difficulties, the year ended under the best auspices for us.

What are the projects for the future of Pakelo?

Proudly we can tell that Pakelo Lubricants continues to gain prestige and credibility abroad,  by evidence we can declare that in 2021 our foreign sales volume increased significatly. We export in more than 40 countries all over the world, including Bangladesh, India and Morocco, which are the most recent markets we added. That evidence encouraged us even further to carry out a policy of long term investiment, like a new manufacturing plant.

The innovations we introduce this year helped us to set the foundation for operating with a strong time schedule. Our commitment is therefore directed towards increasing the quality of the product and of the working process.

What are the actions Pakelo intends to implement in terms of production in favour of environmental sustainability?

The new plant will give us the chance to implement green energy strategies , in fact we will have solar panels mounted on the roof and the energy will be used to fuel the utilities of the structure itself.

We will produce engine oils and our great range of lubricants and greases in 19,000 square meters, bringing with us all the technological innovations applied during this year.

In terms of sustainability, in addition to having a line of biodegradable oils, ecolabel oils and future mobility fluids, we provide returnable services of oil containers, which we manage to reuse up to ten refills. I can also reveal that we collaborate with a German OEM and for them we have recently created an innovative transmission oil that lasts the life of the vehicle, that in the business we use to call “fill for life”. That’s an incredible concept of environmental sustainability!

Where do you see your business in 10 years?

Obviously I see our Company keep growing, the quality of the product evolving in an authentically thanks to the Research and Development Department that, in an always active way, promotes innovation and oils built ad hoc for our most demanding customers.

In terms of employees’ welfare, I know that the direction we took is the right one, also considering that we have already passed an audit which tested our employees' well-being.

We are very proud of our team and they commitment to Pakelo, and we are pleased to show it with facts! 

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