Biodegradable grease: the best choice for reducing environmental impact

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Published: 03 October 2023

Biodegradable grease is the best choice for reducing environmental impact. Discover the Pakelo range dedicated to biodegradable products.

The issues of reducing environmental impact are increasingly topical and regulatory authorities are also adapting to these demands. In this context, the law aim to reduce the reducing environmental impact are, such as, for example, the introduction of CAM requirements (Minimum Environmental Criteria) in public procurement that points out the guidelines for the preference of biodegradable and/or low CO2 emissions products over the LCA (Life Cycle Assesment) of the product.

Another aspect is the pollution of the environment, linked to the dispersion of lubricants. Some applications, due to their specific characteristics, involve that a small part of the lubricant is throw out into the external environment. A classic example is the chain saw lubricant that is inevitably centrifuged outdoors: Pakelo has a specific biodegradable product in its range to reduce the effect of this loss as much as possible.

Also, in the field of earthmoving machines there are special applications with a high environmental impact. An example is that of the demolition hammers used in the construction sector but also for quarrying (e.g. marble) as the lubrication of the tool inevitably causes an oil/grease. In the mining sector, the maximum limits of pollutants allowed, during the processing phases, have recently been regulated (DPR 120/2017 Tabella 4.1). In addition to other contaminants, a monitored parameter is the hydrocarbon content. The latter are the main components of conventional lubricants.

Moreover, this application often requires very high copper greases, also under monitoring and with a very narrow legal limit. For years, marble and granite sawmills have been paying attention to the use of biodegradable greases for restrictions on the removal of waste sludge. When contamination is out of the norm, the cost of disposal is higher and over a certain value are not withdrawn, with the real risk of not being able to work and consequently have to stop the production site.

For this need, Pakelo has developed, among the first on the market, the Pakelo Hammer Grease BIO NLGI 2, a specific grease for the lubrication of hammers formulated with raw materials completely biodegradable and free from heavy metals. This allows, even in the event of leaks, not to incur penalties related to checks by dedicated bodies making it suitable not only for the extraction area but also for any applications subject to restrictions of biodegradability.

The search for ecological characteristics has not, however, reduced the performance of the product, which, thanks to its specific formulation, guarantees high EP characteristics, anti-wear and very high sliding properties, resistance to high temperatures and to specific strong loads, very important in this application.

The product is available in all packages and in cartridges with special adapters to make it usable even in case of lubrication with cartridge on board.
Pakelo is always focused on innovation and market needs and is developing a complete range of biodegradable products to cover as much as possible all areas of lubrication. 
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