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Pubblicato il: 02 February 2022

PakeloLab adopts Oil Express 4 by Perkin Elmer

Speaking of oil analysis FTIR Spectometer is one of the most used laboratory tools allowing to make fourier transform infrared spectrometry.The process implies the exposition of a lubricant film to infra-red radiations veriying absorption and transitions between vibrational energy levels. With reference to new oils and to raw materials this is an essential check to grant the correctness of the chemical composition. With reference to used oils instead, the analysis results are confronted with a dataset to get useful information about the level of the following parameters in the oil: water, glycol, fuel contamination, nitration, oxidation, sulfonation, soot loading and anti-wear additive depletion.

On average PakeloLab executes 4000 FTIR oil analysis per year connected both with used oil analysis and with quality check on the final product. 

From January 2022 Pakelo's FTIR Spectrometer has been improved adopting Oil Express 4 DUO (Perkin Elmer) a syring-pump based autosampler connected with two analysis tools instead of one. Main advantages of this double working condition are:

  • Operation growth thanks to the parallel and independent work of the two tools connected to the same autosampler;
  • Operation continuity in case of damage of one of the two analysis tools;
  • More efficient and partitioned work load for the tool which is active on average 12 hours a day;
  • +1,5 speed increase in FTIR analysis execution and relevant time saving;
  • Safer analysis process separating the work flow connected with used oil analysis ("dirty" samples) from the one connected with quality checks on raw materials and end products ("clean" samples).

This is the first model of FTIR Spectrometer Oil Express 4 DUO that Perkin Elmers installs in Italy.

This is a further step forward for Pakelo laboratory to increase its operative efficiency and to safeguard continuity in quality checks on the final product. This investment is aligned with the wider company philosophy to adopt preventive measures to grant both business continuity and quality continuity with reference to all the activities connected with the oil production compartment. This policy is a long term one. Plus, a future reconfiguration of PakeloLab spaces is going to highlight once again the centrality of the analysis laboratory in Pakelo strategies. 

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