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Pubblicato il: 21 October 2021

Interview to the organizer of classic car tour La Leggenda di Bassano 

Stefano Chiminelli was born in the north-east of Italy in 1961. He is what we call an expert of cars, classic of course. President of the second oldest classic car club in Italy - the CVAE - since 2001, Vicepresident of classic car Vimar-Bonfanti museum and ASI Service CEO (ed. the Association of Italian Classic Car Clubs) since 2016, Stefano is also in charge of ASI editorial line. He is one of those individuals who could lecture about PR and the utmost importance of Italian automotive heritage. You might wonder why we know him in the first place? It's simple. Pakelo Lubricants has been sponsoring for many years La Leggenda di Bassano which is one of the most important classic car events in Stefano's club calendar. "Barchetta" Sport cars till the 1960s are the protagonists of this unique venue which encircles the Italian Dolomites, exploring new routes every year. La Leggenda di Bassano won the second place at the Best in Classic award (organized by Ruoteclassiche Magazine) for the best classic car event in Italy, slightly after the famous Mille Miglia.  

Stefano, how did your develop this love for classic cars?

Before me, my father Giorgio had been part of CVAE club starting from 1968. I was only 7 at the time but I grew a real fascination for that world through him. My dream car has always been a classic one. I remember when I was just 3 or 4. My favourite game consisted in pretending to drive my grandfather's old Ford Consul Coupé parked in the backyard. Once I took the cric, lifted the car, and put myself under it pretending I was a mechanic. My mother was scared to death and after that episode she had the Ford sold in the blink of an eye (he laughs). Cars are what made the ideas go forward in the XX century. Today this primacy is owned by the web, but back in time progress, freedom and independence moved on wheels. How could you not be fascinated by all of this? 

How did you enter CVAE classic car club?

On my fathers' steps I joined CVAE club very young. I was account auditor at first. Then, starting from 2001 - almost without any break - I had the position of President. Today our club, which is the second oldest classic car club in Italy, counts 1500 members coming mainly - but not only - from Veneto region. We are part of ASI association with which we have a close collaboration. Our top event is called La Leggenda di Bassano. We attract a lot of international collectors and classic car enthusiasts. We also collaborate with ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities) and MIT (Italian Minister of Tourism) to promote the concept of historic tour, a sustainable form of cultural tourism on wheels. We also released a pocket guide of unusual itineraries in collaboration with Veneto Region. The raised money were donated to City of Hope Foundation for leukemic kids and to Race Up Team, a group of young students attending Mechanical Engineering at the University of Padua taking part to Formula Student competition.

La Leggenda di Bassano just won the second place of the Best in Classic, the award for the best Italian classic car event. What's the key to your success? 

La Leggenda di Bassano is unique. Among the classic car tours it's the only one in the world open to "Barchetta" sport cars till the 1960s. We close registrations when we reach 100 attendees to be able to offer a strong, nice experience. My team works to bring something different in the world of classic car tours. I mentioned the concept of historic tour before, by which we mean treasuring the journey, not just the destination. There's so much more in between. We search for secondary routes which enhance the territory dealing with every single aspect of the tour: insurance, logistic, mechanic assistance and guest wellness. A proper thank here goes to my collaborator Ms Daniela Colomberotto which has been working with me for 23 years giving it all each year. We are passionate people. And what we like most is the cultural growth underling the sharing of our passion for classic cars. Some of the best friendships of my life were born because of this passion. 

What are your projects for the future?

We've already started working at the next edition of La Leggenda di Bassano 2022. Our goal is to steal the crown of the Best in Classic next year! 

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