WRC3 Monza Rally 2020 - Umberto Scandola

Published: 07 December 2020

Umberto Scandola dominates a Stage ahead of WRC Masterclass

L'idillio di Scandola-D'Amore al Rally di Monza 2020

Monza Rally was a whirlwind of emotions. The final chapter of WRC 3 FIA World Rally Championship 2020 was a kaleidoscope of lights and shadows. Record chronometric performances alternated with frustrating electronic issues. After the Rally of Sardegna (click here for the race review) this was the second race disputed in Italy due to Covid pandemic situation.

The highlight of Umberto Scandola and his navigator Guido D'Amore was during Stage 11 on Saturday afternoon when they scored the best overall timing of the rally in the 11,09 km of Gerosa (BG) leaving even Toyota world champion Sébastien Ogier driving a WRC Plus behind. "I found myself in the right place with good wheels and a good car asset" - says Scandola afterwards.

It was 2008 (12 seasons ago!) the last time that an Italian Driver scored the best overall time in a WRC stage. It was a great satisfaction for the Italian rally driver that celebrated his 36th birthday exactly that day. The team had double reasons to celebrate.

Monza Rally, 2020 epilogue

The last chapter of WRC 2020 was marred by bad weather. Heavy snowing forced the organization to cancel two stages on the mountains on Saturday. Like Umberto Scandola explained driving in such conditions is very tough because the road changes continuously from snow, to ice to rain. It takes an impressive adaptive effort. However, Scandola managed to score another stage victory and a second place in WRC3 category before having some electronic issues that didn't allow Hyundai i20 R5 of Hyundai Rally Team Italia to express its full potential.

Dreaming ERC in 2021 with Hyundai

The electronic issue emerged the day before. On Thursday night Scandola opened Monza Rally with a P5 among the 13 contestants of WRC3. The premises were good but on Friday the car didn't start at the first assistance point and this sudden electronic issue stopped the team ambitions for the race. However, the mind is already ahead focused on 2021 with an ambitious project to take part to FIA European Rally Championship with the support of Hyundai Motorsport and Pakelo Lubricants.

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