Rally Raid Rider


Paolo Caprioni is the hero you don’t expect. Well, he’s that kind of hero that doesn’t let daily life fool him and this tells everything. Ten years ago, Paolo (professional hair stylist) and his brother Stefano decided to take part to Hellas Rally with two standard KTMs LC8. They started from Ferrara, boarded in Ancona and landed somewhere in Greece to get in line with the other contestants of Hellas Rally which consists in a 160-250km stage per day (for 7 days) race. They had zero assistance and zero athletic preparation for that, but an iron willpower to support them. When Paolo and Stefano came back to Italy they set two goals for the future: 1. To create a team of twin-cylinders and 2. To make the standard KTM LC8 more competitive on rallies.
Stefano naturally became the official developer of the team whose goal is to make the motorbike more competitive and Paolo got acquainted with all European rallies testing and defying his limits with fatigue, sacrifice and stubbornness. Within a couple of years Caprioni Brothers and their friend Giampiero Zanelli found Team Kapriony and get started with prototype projects like “Zaira” and “Elvira” attracting media attention.
After testing Moroccan sands for the first time in 2016 edition of the Tuareg Rallye, in 2017 the team approached the greatest challenge: the Africa Eco Race. Tracing a part of the old Paris-Dakar route along Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal, Africa Eco Race’s finishing line is in Dakar. The wonderful Dakar, the very same Dakar of half-foolish champs like Fabrizio Meoni that attempted the journey with twin-cylinders. So powerful and fast on rocks, so clumsy and heavy on fesh fesh sand, the rally enemy number one in Mauritania.
Pakelo has been working with the team since its very first African trip of the Tuareg Rallye. In that occasion engine oil Krypton Racing MBK SAE 10W-50 was tested and analyzed. I.C.P. test (inductively coupled plasma alias the equivalent of blood analysis for men) on Tuareg exhausted oil was a success both in terms of viscosity maintenance and in terms of siliceous levels (the final proof that the team worked well mechanically speaking). Good results convinced Stefano Caprioni and the mechanic Fabio Zanone to keep the same oil viscosity to face Africa Eco Race as well, supported this time by tons of Brake Cleaner MBK to keep mechanic parts clean. Africa Eco Race reveals to be even tougher than expected. Paolo breakes a wrist in the process, the fuel tank reveals to be always too small to cover stages creating further troubles. Fatigue grows on him each day but stubbornness wins over everything and the rewards finally comes when he coasted the famous 22km on the beach before the finishing line in Dakar. That 22km mean conquest and freedom. After that first Africa Eco Race Paolo said he’ll never repeat the experience again, but the truth is that he keeps on contradicting himself because every autumn the African bug comes back and every end of the year his lust for victory brings him back to the boarding area of Monaco, ready to challenge himself a little further.


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