Customizzatore per eccellenza

Mr. Martini, a special life

Even if it may seem that it is all déjà vu and already been invented we can actually express that concept of never seen before.”
Nicola Martini aka Mr. Martini is a renowned Italian bike customizer. The concept of “Special” is the Leitmotiv of this whole life. In fair Verona, in his workshop he adds originality and beauty to already perfect Manufacturers’ models. Moreover, since 2016 he owns the Special Café, a sort of American bar mixing “on the road” rough culture and good cuisine. Special Café is a place that aims to bring people together. Its heart is Nicola himself, the perfect catalyst not just for 2-wheels aficionados but also to those companies and people that share his values, tastes and attitudes.
But motorcycles were not his first love. When he’s young he attends a catering college and he starts dividing himself between study and the work with his father at the gas station. In 1989 he takes an important decision for his career opening a Royal Enfield dealership, a pretty rare brand in Italy at the time.
Since 1989 he’s grown a lot. Mr. Martini’s label has been officially recognized by brands such as Triumph and Kawasaki as well. His philosophy is to create new styles and the sense of the never seen before changing aesthetics without losing an inch on usability, in the total respect of OEMs validation boundaries. To change a motorcycle’s concept Nicola has to keep on evolving himself too that’s why he likes to dress up like in fables, it’s his way to express the creativity which flows within him.
“True beauty lasts through time.”
Now that his father Mario helps him in the workshop and his son Matteo helps him in the Special Café these three generations seem to speak a common language: the language of the street, like Nicola likes to address it, the language of people’s taste.
Pakelo had that little bit of foolishness to believe in the project from scratch (literally). Both based in Verona, both advocates of Italian excellence worldwide.
“We are what we build.”


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