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Motorcycles are our life. We ride them, we work on them and when we’re home... we even think about them!”
Vittoriano and Gianfranco Guareschi are milestones in the Moto Guzzi world. In their dealership in Parma what you get is much more than the average treatment. You get specialized mechanic skills, unique pieces and authentic love for classic motorcycles.
Guareschi Brothers both have a past as riders and testers and today, besides being Moto Guzzi Italian dealership number one they made Moto Guzzi’s name ring again on speed circuits.
But first things first, the dealership was founded by their father Claudio. Thanks to him Guareschi Brothers’ love for Moto Guzzi develops very soon and from their father they get the most important lesson: a dealership’s heart is not in sales but in restoration.
The passion for racing comes quite naturally. When little Vittoriano and Gianfranco go with their father on the tracks while he supports riders mechanically. Indeed, Vittoriano reveals very soon to his inclination for racing and for Gianfranco following his brother’s steps seems as easy as breathing.
Later on, Vittoriano will become the Ducati’s Team Manager in MotoGp, while Gianfranco will become an official Ducati tester. This never prevents them to make the family dealership grow even when their beloved father unluckily passes away too soon.
In 2017 the nostalgia for racing becomes too strong to deny for Guareschi Brothers so they decide to pay tribute to their father taking part to the Italian Historic Endurance Championship with one of his old racing Moto Guzzi.
They restore it completely bringing the motorcycle to its first victory ever. But victory wasn’t the end of the story, just the beginning. Guareschi Brothers in 2018 decide to combine their racing and mechanic experience to develop the “GC KIT” (in honor of their father Guareschi Claudio) to create a brand new kind of Moto Guzzi, conceived to be competitive again on speed tracks. The GC KIT can be applied to every model of the last 10-year production of Moto Guzzi transforming it into a powerful racing prototype.
The relationship with Pakelo began during one of their many races. They had a problem with the oil and Pakelo developed something specific for them. A problem to solve is what brought Guareschi Brothers and Pakelo together but a shared passion for their jobs and the focused mindset is what kept them working together happily ever after.
“We love our customers’ motorcycles... as they were ours.


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