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Which lubricating oil to choose?
Finding the best lubricating oil for your car can be challenging due to the variety of products in the market. Each engine has specific requirements in terms of viscosity and specifications set by the manufacturer. However, it's crucial to remember that motor oil specifications only establish the minimum characteristics necessary to meet a particular vehicle's demands. Therefore, even with the same viscosity and specifications, it doesn't guarantee the same level of quality. For this reason, it is crucial to choose the best lubricating oil for your needs.
What does viscosity of lubricating oil indicate?
Many people mistakenly consider viscosity as a quality parameter. That's not the case. The viscosity of a motor oil is a physical property indicating the ideal temperature range within which the product can perform. If an oil maintains its viscosity parameters well in both cold and hot conditions during usage, then we can consider it of high quality. When the engine overheats one of the reasons may be the oil: it might have the wrong viscosity, being too fluid, or, if the viscosity is correct, the oil may has rapidly lost its properties due to poor quality.
What is the difference between mineral lubricant oil and synthetic lubricant oil?
Synthetic lubricant oil is produced in laboratory while mineral oil is derived from petroleum refining. Synthetic products are certainly less polluting and more environmentally friendly, however they are not always the right choice to maximize the performance of your vehicle. A synthetic or fully synthetic lubricating oil is made with bases with a higher performance potential, however it is not necessarily required: an example concerns vintage lubricants oil. In this case it is not excluded that the mineral can better perform its function than a synthetic oil.

Krypton Racing (for modified cars and sporty use) and Classic Ranges (for vintage cars) are not listed in the portal.

Attention: All information has been compiled with our current knowledge and great care. The classifications are based on information, standards and approvals of the vehicle manufacturer (OEM). Pakelo excludes any liability for possible mistakes and damages resulting from these. Before using always compare the specifications on the user manual with those reported on the product packaging.

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