Fuel additives
Fuel additives

DEFA Fluid Plus

DEFA Fluid Plus


Multifunctional Diesel fuel additive specifically developed to clean the entire fuel system and to increase Cetane Number. It protects fuel pumps and injectors from wear and significantly reduces combustion chamber, valve and fuel injector deposits. It helps in restoring “like new” engine performance, it improves power and fuel economy and it reduces emissions. Suitable for every kind of Diesel engine injection system (both DI and IDI) and after treatment devices. Treat rate for continuous standard use is 0,2%. Treat rate for one single application is 0,5%. Treat rate for the maximum Cetane Number increase is 1,5%.

Bottle 200mlCan lt. 1Pail lt. 20Drum lt. 209
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DEFA Fluid Plus

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