Antifreezes and coolants
Antifreezes and coolants

Coolant G40® Ready Mix

Coolant G40® Ready Mix


Ready to use engine coolant based on ethylene glycol, pre-mixed with demineralized water. It contains a corrosion inhibitor package based on organic acid salts and silicates (Si-OAT coolant). It is free of nitrites, amines, phosphates and borates. It effectively protects engine cooling systems against overheating, frost, corrosion and deposits. READY TO USE, FROST PROTECTION -38°C.

Performance levels:

AS 2108-2004, ASTM D3306/D4985, SAE J1034, ÖNORM V 5123, CUNA NC 956-16, JIS K 2234:2006, SANS 1251:2005, SH 0521-1999, BS 6580:2010, Cummins CES 14603, MAN 324 Type Si-OAT, MB-Approval 325.5, MB-Approval 325.6, MB-Approval 326.5 (Ready Mix), MB-Approval 326.6 (Ready Mix), Porsche (from MY 2010), VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda/Lamborghini/Bentley/Bugatti TL 774-G.

Can lt. 1Can lt. 4Pail lt. 20Drum lt. 60Drum lt. 209IBC lt. 1000
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Coolant G40® Ready Mix

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